Visual arts

Visual Arts class

Extended essay

The time is coming to select the topic for your Extended essay. If you decide to take the Visual arts as your subject in this matter, please consider the following instructions for choosing the topic from IBO Extended Essay Guide (IBO, 2007; Cardiff, UK) :

To be avoided:

Topics that are entirely dependent on summarizing general secondary sources (such as universal art history textbooks, and encyclopedias), and topics that are likely to lead to an essay that is essentially narrative or descriptive in nature.

Choosing a topic that covers many aspects of art history and/or a long period of time is also unlikely to result in a successful essay.

If you decide to write about an artist, consider:

Biographical studies of artists must address a relevant issue or research question and arrive at a particular, and preferably personal, conclusion.

Useful suggestion considers the scope:

Restricting the scope of the essay will help to ensure a clear focus and will provide opportunities for demonstrating detailed understanding and critical analysis.

Look at the two examples of topics explaining how to “frame” the title:

• “How did Wassily Kandinsky use colour?” is better than “The Bauhaus”.
• “An analysis of African influences on Henry Moore” is better than “20th-century British sculpture”.

Look for more information in the classroom…


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