Visual arts

Visual Arts class


Since the beginning of the term we have tried to produce several self-portraits.

The practical part of the task included:

  • work from a mirror, or  photo.
  • rough sketches and drawings.
  • experiment with mood, lighting, media and techniques
  • one work in black and white contrast.

The emphasize was set on representational elements because of importance of the meaning – such as personal interests, plans, environment …

The whole process have to be kept in the workbook.

Part of the task included research and timeline of self-portrait through the art history. Students have to do their own timeline based on art history.

In the classroom

The purpose of the slide projection represented in the classroom was to see development of painting style through history of self-portraits. The question is what we can find out if we just look at a theme represented in the timeline? How much can we learn about art history, or technology, or social context?

One timeline may look like this:

We also looked at two paintings with painters witnessing the event of marriage of Arnolfini, and the other one where painter was portraited with royal family:

Jan van Eyck: Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and his Wife
Oil on oak, 82 x 60 cm
National Gallery, London
Velazques: Las Meninas
Oil on canvas, 318 x 276 cm
Museo del Prado, Madrid

All the visual material was collected from the site: Web Gallery of art;


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