Visual arts

Visual Arts class

Interviews at 15th December

Preparing for the exam


Investigation workbook

Does your workbook look like it is mentioned bellow:

Think of yourself as a “cultural detective” on a voyage of visual discovery, you may, or may not have a map with you. You will make choices of direction along the way; you may make bad choices or find yourself on the right path or even going round in circles! What you will discover is directed by you, but you are required to think, analyze and understand what those findings might be. The importance of your personal discoveries will take form in your studio work and should demonstrate how you have crystallized your investigation into art works. (Birgit Jennings, 2010)

For the highest grade, it is expected that you

  • analyze and compare art from different cultures and times; consider it thoughtfully for its function and significance.
  • develop an appropriate range of effective skills, techniques and processes when making and analyzing images and artifacts
  • demonstrate coherent, focused and individual investigative strategies into visual qualities, ideas and their contexts, show an appropriate range of different approaches towards your study and connections between works
  • demonstrate successful development and synthesis of ideas and considerable depth and breadth
  • demonstrate effective and accurate use of vocabulary of visual arts
  • use an appropriate range of sources and acknowledge them properly
  • present the work effectively and creatively and demonstrate effective and critical observation, reflection and discrimination
  • present close relationship between investigation and studio

Check the notebook pages if there are

  • · dated and numbered pages
  • · used black pen (or something that can easily be photocopied)
  • · annotated sketches and drawings
  • · mentioned all the new ideas
  • · texts about the mood and feelings relevant to particular practical work
  • · added references and web sites

300 words essay

For the purpose of the following interviews you have to write a short essay (300 words) describing your practical work. Compare your work with work /works of at least one artist, do not forget to mention cultural context of your works, or techniques and media used, strengths and weaknesses recognized.

Write about your future plans.

Studio work

Prepare all your works for the exam including final works and sketches. If possible – bring photographs. Sketch the plan of the exhibition setting.

4mm students should prepare list of all works, together with media and sizes for the purpose of final exam in March.


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