Visual arts

Visual Arts class

Artists we have mentioned in November

Jasper Johns once said:

My work is largely concerned with relation between seeing and knowing, seeing and saying, seeing and believing.

The quote is written on Jasper Johns site. The question is how it relates to Jasper John’s works or how does this relate to our works and Visual Arts course. Think about it and write your opinion… because you may like it or not, use it or not, but the most important part is to have any opinion about it…

The following month we have been inspired by few artists: Jasper Johns, de Kooning, Basquiat… Some of the artists were only mentioned, but their work should be part of the investigation. One of the artists only mentioned is Christo, whose work we should consider because of  the drawings, concepts and documentary level – so important for IB student.

Follow the link with essays about the artists, find  your favorite artist and check what/how is his/her work/life outlined within the form of the essay.

Follow the links bellow and find the artist somehow related to your own work:


Willem de Kooning
Jasper Johns

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